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Wormhole research going well

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Millennium Knight

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:53 pm    Post subject: Wormhole research going well Reply with quote

Apparently we are opening wormholes now, Stargate is here!

".... but it must be true, I found it on the internet!"

Sending a probe to other universes through artificial wormholes stabilized with exotic matter advanced alien technologies in human hands
India Daily Technology Team
Oct. 23, 2005

It may be dream come true. It may mean we can jump hundreds or thousands of years in technological advancement. While conventional science and technology is stuck at trying to understand and travel our solar system, some are going far beyond.

Some scientists under very classified projects in various countries are in the process of creating artificial wormholes stabilized with exotic matter. The subject matter stays in theoretical physics but some are taking it to level unthinkable!

These military research scientists are after sending probes to other Universes and Hyperspace through artificial wormholes stabilized with exotic matter. The wormholes are small and the probes are small experimental device reverse engineered from extraterrestrial UFOs and advanced civilizations from the outer edge of the Universe visiting the earth secretly.

In principle, a wormhole could be stabilized by threading its throat with `exotic matter''. In the stable wormhole, the exotic matter forms a thin spherical shell.

The shell of exotic matter has negative mass and positive surface pressure. The negative mass ensures that the throat of the wormhole lies outside the horizon, so that probes can pass through it, while the positive surface pressure prevents the wormhole from collapsing.

In general relativity, one is free to specify whatever geometry one cares to imagine for spacetime; but then Einstein's equations specify what the energy-momentum content of matter in that spacetime must be in order to produce that geometry. Generically, wormholes require negative mass exotic matter at their throats, in order to be traversable.

The biggest challenge these super advanced technologists conducting research under sper secrecy face is the process of overcoming the effects of the singularity in the center point of the wormhole. The wormhole connects a Blackhole with a Whitehole. The Blackhole is based on positive gravitational radiation with gravity pulling everything towards the center of the Blackhole while a Whitehole is just opposite. It has negative gravitational radiation pushing things out on the other side. It is also based on negative time . The time becomes stationery in the middle of a wormhole the point of singularity.

The biggest breakthrough is the reverse engineering the technologies that allows overcoming the point of singularity in the very center of the wormhole.
One who takes snippets of reality and weaves them into his own imaginary world.
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Sir Hamster of Elderberry
KWSN ArchBishop
KWSN ArchBishop

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 1:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So these people have exotic matter with negative mass ... and yet the most interesting thing they can think to do with it is open wormholes to other universes???

Shocked Shocked Shocked

Very Happy I can do better than that! Very Happy

Lets see ...

1) How about anti-gravity shoes for walking on air? Just be careful not to lose your balance or you'll be left hanging upside-down! Wink There are so other difficulties too, like negative mass behaving in a completely counter-intuitive manner (ie: you pull it towards you to make it move away from you!)

2) I'm not quite sure what "positive surface pressure" implies, but there ought to be a way to get some fun out of it ... lets make an educated guess: Normal objects "push back" when you apply a force to them (the objects inertia tends to keep it from moving). This exotic matter would behave in the opposite manner: it would have have negative inertia! This is great! It gives me a headache thinking about it, but it's great. You could build cars with about 49% "exotic material, and the net inertia would be close to zero. Think of the great gas mileage you would get ... also think about seemingly minor bumps sending the car sailing through the air ... better install airbags! Shocked

exclamation Caution: Advise extreme caution in handle all "exotic" materials, as they may "annhilate" on contact with normal matter. Shocked

ni! i!u
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